Standing Committees and Committee Chairs

July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022


Executive Committee

  • John Compton, Chair*
  • Amy Miles
  • Bill Rhodes
  • Donnie Smith
  • Kim White

*Chair of the Board is ex officio Chair of the Executive Committee

Executive Committee Charter

Audit and Compliance Committee

  • Amy Miles, Chair
  • Brad Box
  • Crawford Gallimore, External Member
  • Decosta Jenkins
  • Chair of the Board, Ex Officio Voting

Audit and Compliance Committee Charter

Education, Research, and Service Committee

  • Donnie Smith, Chair
  • Kara Lawson
  • Christina Vogel, Voting Faculty Member
  • Leighton Chappell, Voting Student Member
  • Alan Wilson
  • Jamie Woodson
  • Chair of the Board, Ex Officio Voting
  • Commissioner of Agriculture, Ex Officio Voting

Education, Research, and Service Committee Charter

Finance and Administration Committee

  • Bill Rhodes, Chair
  • Amy Miles
  • Kim White
  • Chair of the Board, Ex Officio Voting

Finance and Administration Committee Charter