Persons wishing to bring an issue to the attention of the Board of Trustees may submit information to the postal or e-mail address shown below. Please note, however, that the Bylaws do not provide for the Board to hear complaints or appeals about any matter related to a particular University employee or student. An appeal to the President, through the appropriate campus or institute Chancellor, is the final avenue of appeal on those matters.

University of Tennessee Board of Trustees
ATTN: Secretary
505 Summer Place
UT Tower #1235
Knoxville, TN 37902


This method should not be used:

  1. to report known or suspected misconduct by a University employee, outside contractor, or vendor;
  2. sexual misconduct, relationship violence, or stalking; or
  3. child abuse and/or child sexual abuse.

Please see the available options for reporting these types of known or suspected misconduct at this website.