Section 12.1

The honorary status of Emeritus or Emerita Trustee shall apply to all appointed Trustees who complete at least one six-year term of appointment, whether before or after the date of adoption of this Bylaw, and the privileges of this honorary status shall be those set forth in this Bylaw. Emeriti Trustees shall be eligible for appointment as voting or non-voting members of standing and special committees of the Board in accordance with the provisions of Article IV, Sections 4.8 and 4.9, of these Bylaws and for appointment to the governing boards of the University’s affiliated foundations and other affiliated entities. Emeriti Trustees may attend public meetings of the Board of Trustees each year at their expense, providing them an opportunity to receive information on the state of the University and to remain engaged in promoting the welfare of the University, and shall be invited to Board receptions and other similar events from time to time. Upon request, and subject to availability, the administration will assist Emeriti Trustees with the purchase of two tickets and one parking permit for individual home football games at the Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Martin campuses.