Section 8.1 Statutory Requirements for Participation in a Meeting by Electronic or Telephonic Means.

The Chair of the Board or the chair of a committee, after consultation with the Secretary, may allow any or all members to participate in a meeting by any means of electronic or telephonic communication, subject to the following requirements of the Tennessee Open Meetings Act:

  1. (1)The meeting must be audible to the public at the location specified in the notice of the meeting.
  2. (2)All members must be able to hear and speak to each other during the meeting.
  3. (3)Any member participating by telephonic or electronic means must identify the persons present at the location from which the member is participating.
  4. (4)Before the meeting, any member who will not be physically present at the meeting location shall be provided with documents to be discussed at the meeting with substantially the same content as the documents presented at the meeting.
  5. (2)All votes shall be taken by roll call.