The Executive and Compensation Committee ensures that the Board of Trustees fulfills the University’s responsibilities. The committee oversees the work of other standing committees, the University’s planning process, and the President’s performance, welfare, and compensation. The committee also acts for the Board when necessary between meetings of the Board.



  • Charles C. Anderson, Chair of Finance and Administration/Chair of Health Affairs
  • Shannon A. Brown, Chair of University Life Committee
  • Spruell Driver, Jr., Chair of Trusteeship
  • William E. Evans, Chair of Research, Outreach, and Economic Development
  • D. Crawford Gallimore, Chair of Audit and Compliance
  • Vicky B. Gregg, Chair of Academic Affairs and Student Success
  • Sharon J. Pryse, Chair of Advancement and Public Affairs

Ex Officio

  • Vice Chair of the Board, Chair of Executive and Compensation, and Chair of Athletics)
  • President of the University (non-voting)

Principal Staff Liaison

  • Catherine S. Mizell, Secretary, Chief of Staff, and Special Counsel