The Academic Affairs and Student Success Committee oversees a broad range of matters related to the University’s educational mission of teaching, research, and service. The committee’s oversight includes consideration of the needs of the faculty and administration in creating and sustaining the University’s academic environment, and consideration of the interest of students in the central curricular and co-curricular life of the University. The committee attends to faculty members’ concerns about matters such as faculty evaluation and compensation, library and other learning resources, and currency of academic structures. The committee attends to students’ concerns about matters such as tuition and fees; admissions, retention, and graduation requirements; campus facilities; faculty teaching and advisement; student life; student conduct and housing rules; and staff support and services.



  • Vicky B. Gregg, Chair
  • John N. Foy
  • Brad A. Lampley
  • Julia T. Wells
  • Charles E. Wharton

Ex Officio:

  • Vice Chair of the Board
  • President of the University (non-voting)
  • Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Commissioner of Education
  • Executive Director of THEC (non-voting)
  • Voting Faculty Trustee
  • Voting Student Trustee
  • Non-voting Faculty Trustee
  • Non-voting Student Trustee

Ex Officio, Nonvoting Faculty and Student Representatives:

  • Faculty Senate President UTC
  • SGA President UTC
  • Graduate Student Association President UTC
  • Faculty Senate President UTHSC
  • SGAEC President UTHSC
  • SGAEC Vice President UTHSC
  • Faculty Senate President UTK
  • SGA President UTK
  • Graduate Student Senate President UTK
  • Faculty Senate President UTM
  • SGA President UTM
  • SGA President UTSI

Principal Staff Liaison: Linda C. Martin, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success

Subcommittee on Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities

  • Brad A. Lampley, Chair
  • Julia T. Wells
  • Tommy G. Whittaker
  • Voting Student Trustee (ex officio, voting)
  • Voting Faculty Trustee (ex officio, voting)

Principal Staff Liaison: Matthew M. Scoggins, III, General Counsel