The Research, Outreach and Economic Development Committee shall oversee programs seeking to extend the University’s scientific, technological, commercialization, and educational expertise to communities, counties, agencies and organizations in Tennessee, nationally, and globally.


The committee’s general responsibilities shall be to monitor the effectiveness of the University’s research, outreach, and economic development programs. In carrying out these general responsibilities, the committee shall recommend to the Board needed action or policies relating to the following matters:

  1. Coordination of research, outreach and economic development functions and activities among the campuses, institutes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the University of Tennessee Research Foundation, and other entities affiliated with the University;
  2. Assessment of effectiveness and impact of the University’s research, outreach and economic development efforts;
  3. Development of University programs to promote economic development in the state; and
  4. Coordinate with the Academic Affairs and Student Success Committee on the development of campus and institute mission statements.

The committee shall make an annual report to the Board of the University’s economic development activities.


Members of the committee and the committee chair shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the Vice Chair of the Board and in accordance with the provisions of Article III of the Bylaws.

The President shall designate one or more members of the senior administrative staff, or a designee of a member of the senior administrative staff, to provide staff support to the committee.


Required and Called Meetings
The committee shall meet at least two times annually, in conjunction with regular meetings of the Board of Trustees or at any other time upon a call in accordance with the following provisions.

A meeting of the committee may be called at any time by the Chair or Vice Chair of the Board, the President, the committee chair, or by the Secretary of the Board upon the written request of two members of the committee.

At the discretion of the committee chair, the committee may meet jointly with another standing committee, in which case only the voting members of a particular committee shall vote on any agenda item requiring action by that committee.

Notice of committee meetings shall be given to all committee members. Notice may be given by regular mail, electronic mail, or facsimile transmission. At least five (5) days’ notice shall be given when feasible, but less notice may be given when there is a need for urgent action by the committee. If written notice is not feasible, by reason of urgency or other exigent circumstance, notice may be given by telephone.

All meetings of the committee shall be open to the public unless otherwise provided by the Tennessee Open Meetings Act or a judicially-recognized exception to the Act.

An agenda shall accompany the notice of every meeting of the committee when feasible; but when not feasible, the notice shall state the purpose or purposes for which the meeting is called.

Development of the committee agenda shall be the responsibility of the chair, in consultation with the President and committee staff. The agenda shall list in outline form each matter to be considered at the meeting. The committee may use a consent agenda in the manner provided by the Bylaws.

Matters not set forth on the agenda or in the notice may be considered only upon an affirmative vote of a majority of the total voting membership of the committee.


A quorum shall be a majority (more than one-half) of the voting members of the committee. The Vice Chair of the Board shall be counted for quorum purposes, but the President and other non-voting members shall not be counted for quorum purposes. In the absence of a quorum, those attending may adjourn the meeting until a quorum is present.

Committee staff shall prepare minutes of all committee meetings, review the minutes with the committee chair, and provide the minutes to all committee members before the next committee meeting.